Please give me information on money & currency matters?

You can exchange foreign currency into Rands:

  • Prior to travel
  • On arrival at the airport
  • Withdrawal from a South African ATM
  • You can also use VISA and MASTERCARD credit card at most places, please be advised a lot of South African merchants do not accept AMEX.

Always ensure you inform your bank prior to travel that you will be travelling to South Africa, so that they don’t block any transactions whether they be withdrawals or when you swipe your credit card.

ATM and Credit Card Fraud in South Africa

Be aware that whilst not common ATM and credit card fraud can happen in South Africa as it can in any other country.

How can you avoid ATM and credit card fraud?

  • Never allow anyone to help you whilst drawing money from an ATM
  • Never allow your credit card to leave your sight, always insist on your card being swiped in front of you