Is it safe to travel in South Africa?

Crime can occur anywhere in the world. It is essential to follow basic precautions when travelling anywhere in the world. These recommendations are for travel worldwide, not just South Africa and are not intended to make you afraid of coming to South Africa, it is just to make you aware so you can avoid potential situations.


  • Put on lock on your luggage that goes in the cargo hold, and always have a tag with your details on it in case the luggage gets lost
  • Keep your valuables in your hand luggage
  • Always pack a change of clothes and toiletries in your hand luggage in the event that your luggage gets lost
  • Keep money, passport and travel documents in a safety pouch on you
  • Keep copies of your passport and travel documents in your luggage


  • Always keep doors locked when driving
  • When stopped at traffic lights, be aware of people around you and keep valuables such as hand bags out of sight
  • When parked, keep all valuables out of sight


  • We will always ensure that at overnight stops your bicycles are safely locked up however, If you bring your own bike, please ensure that you have cover, we cannot be held responsible for any damage accidentally incurred.